Vedic Maths Tricks for Quick and Fast Calculations

Vedic Maths Tricks for Quick and Faster Calculations || Easy and Instant Tricks for solving quant section in competitive examinations

As the title indicates Vedic maths has been derived from ancient Vedas. With the help of the Vedic Maths Tricks, most math problems of complex nature can be solved in an easy manner. These tricks prove to be highly beneficial for job aspirants preparing for various competitive exams.

Candidates can calculate faster and more quickly using Vedic Mathematics tricks. You can solve any difficult or time-consuming quantitative aptitude problems immediately with the help of the Vedic Math Tricks. Moreover, simply by using Vedic Math, you can increase your efficiency in competitive and various government job exams.

Vedic Maths Tricks for Bank and Government Exams

Vedic Mathematics helps in solving complex mathematical problems as these tricks and techniques are explained in simple language. They help in understanding the magical method of quick and faster calculation and increase your overall mental capacity for calculation.

Many topmost coaching institutes recommend Vedic Maths Tricks Book PDF for the preparation of competitive exams due to the following benefits:

  • It helps you to solve difficult mathematical problems 10x times faster.
  • It helps you to make intelligent decisions for both simple and complex mathematical problems.
  • These tricks reduce the burden of remembering tough concepts.
  • It enhances the attention of a child and his determination to retain and grow his skills.

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Top Vedic Maths Tricks with Examples

#1 Vedic Maths Tricks for Addition

The addition is one of the most fundamental functions of Vedic mathematics. 

Step 1: Find out the number which is closest to the 10s multiple because it is more comfortable to add those numbers.  


17, 18, 19 close to 20

31, 32, 33 close to 30

67, 68, 69, are close to 70

97, 98, 99, are close to 100 ……. and so on.

Step 2: Add the numbers which are the multiples of 10s

Step 3: Add/Subtract the deficiency of numbers.

Let’s understand with the help of an example.

Let’s suppose, we have to add 37 and 98.

So, Vedic mathematics tells us to add 40 and 100 which is 140, and then subtract (3+2) i.e. the deficiency from 140. So the result will be 135.

Let’s try another example: Suppose, if we have to add 76 and 586.

So, the Vedic maths trick for addition tells us to add 80 and 590 which is 670, and then subtract (4+4) i.e. the deficiency from 670. So the result will be 662.

Similarly, you can perform any type of addition using Vedic maths to add hundreds with hundreds, tens with tens and ones with ones, and so on. 

#2 Vedic Maths Tricks for Subtraction 

Subtracting Anything from 1000, 10000, or 100000 

If you are weak in arithmetic and want to know how to calculate quickly in mind, this Vedic math trick on subtraction is for you.

Let’s understand with the help of an example. 

1000 – 543 =? 

Using Vedic Maths tricks, subtract the first two digits in the number 543 from nine and the last from ten. The steps will be as follows: 

Step 1: 9 – 5 = 4 

Step 2: 9 – 4 = 5 

Step 3: 10 – 3 = 7 

Now, simply write all the answers in each step together, and you get your final answer, 457. 

Therefore, 1000 – 543 = 457. 

Now, use the same technique to solve the following questions: 

1000 – 626 =? 

10,000 – 1087 =? 

1000 – 817 =? 

10,000 – 1579 =? 

#3 Vedic Maths Tricks for finding the square of a number

For the numbers ending with 5:

Step 1: Perform 5 × 5 = 25

Step 2: Add 1 to the previous number and the result with the previous number. 

For example, in the case of the square of 95, Add 1 to 9 = 10 and multiply 10 by 9 = 90

Step 3: The result from step 2 will become the initial numbers of the final answer and the result of step 1 is the ending two numbers of the final answer. So the final answer will be 9025.

Now, use the same technique to solve the following questions: 

85 =? 

75 =? 

195 =? 

#4 Multiplying a two-digit number by 11

There are numerous Vedic maths tricks to perform different types of multiplication. Some of the most useful and easy ones are the trick of 11.

Step 1:- Divide the number into two parts

Step 2:- Add the two parts which will form the middle number

Let us explain this example by solving 42 x 11? 

For this, simply place the two-digit number according to this formula and add the center part: 

Answer = (First digit of the number (First digit of the number + second digit of the number) First digit of the number) 

Thus, this makes it: 42 x 11 = 4 (4+2) 2. 

The answer you will get here is 462. 

Thus, 42 x 11 = 462. 

Similarly, what is 75 x 11? 

75 × 11 = 7, 7 + 5, 5. Because 7+5 = 12, we will carry 1 to the previous digit and our final answer would be 825.


So, these tricks explained above are the Best Vedic Maths Tricks with examples. These will assist you to get through your quantitative aptitude and reasoning section in competitive exams. 

With these, you will be capable to solve most of the difficulties within no time. Sure, these may appear a bit tricky, but all you need is regular practice, and you will be able to utilize them in no time.

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