Asees Font Keyboard: Download for Punjabi Typing Test

Are you looking for the Punjabi Asees Font Keyboard for the Punjabi Typing Test?

Since we all are known by the fact that the several Punjab Govt Departments like Punjab State Power State Corporation Limited (PSPCL) and others are now conducting the Punjabi Type Tests in Asees Font. Therefore, in this article, we have attached the Punjabi Asees Font Keyboard and Font File for you to practice Punjabi Typing Test.

There are 2 widely used fonts in Punjabi Language, one is Raavi Font and another one is Asees Font. Some of the departments of Punjab are conducting the type tests for clerical posts in Raavi Font. You can download and install Raavi Font Keyboard also.  

To get selected in the clerical cadre, it is very essential for all job aspirants to start practicing their Punjabi Typing in Asees Font on Computer with a good keyboard. 

Regular practice with the Punjabi Typing Test in Asees Font for 10 minutes will assure your speed in characters, words, and paragraphs. As a result of it, you will your improvement in typing speed in Word Per Minute (WPM).

In this guide, we will provide you the free download link for the Font, guide book, typing software for PC, and a keyboard pdf/image of Asees Font.

Download and Install the Asees Font Keyboard for PC/Computer/Laptop

  1. Firstly to being with, Download: Asees Font
  2. Now Open the Downloads Folder, where the Asees font has been downloaded.
  3. Double Click on the Font.
  4. Click on the Install Button.
  5. That’s it. You have successfully installed the Asees Punjabi Font on your Computer.
  6. Now you begin exercising your Punjabi Typing in the new font. 

Download Asees Font Keyboard Image [Font Map]

asees font keyboard punjabi typing


Punjabi typing is very simple if practiced regularly. With consistent practice, you can easily clear the Punjab Govt Typing Tests.

Learning Punjabi Typing is not a typical task as you imagine in first without trying it. It’s pretty simple with online free learning. You only have to focus on the mind that you want to learn and start Punjabi typing. You will be a professional typist in just a few days. The software will definitely help in your exams.

Tips to Increase you Speed in Punjabi Typing

  • The most significant thing is the Home Row position it is the position of fingers on the Asees Font keyboard when you start typing and return to it repeatedly. This position for left and right hands are ASDF-JKL; respectively.

  • Try to keep an Upright Position so that you can type with the attentiveness of mind.

  • Always use all of your fingers when you type.

  • For beginners, Accuracy is more crucial than speed.

  • A Good Keyboard can also improve your speed and accuracy drastically.

There are other criteria such as Gross Word Per Minute (WPM) which is your plain speed calculation without considering your error rate. If you are preparing for Govt. exam, then daily practice typing to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Try to type without seeing the keyboard so, you will achieve more speed.

Recommended Book for Punjabi Type Test: Download Here

Punjabi Typing Tutor Software for Typing Online: Visit Here

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